Komik Lucah Melayu

1. The Indonesian word for "comics" is the word "komik", which stems from a Dutch word meaning "to print or draw pictures." That said, comics can take many forms ranging from basic hand drawn illustrations to intricate full-length animated cartoons. In the Malay language, the direct translation for comics would be "komik lucah melayu," or comics from Malaysian-speaking regions. 2. Komik lucah melayu is the Malaysian equivalent of the Indonesian "komik" (lit. '''comic''') - simple folktales, illustrations, and comics that are often intended for children. 3. Unlike more westernized forms of comics, komik lucah melayu is more of an oral tradition of storytelling than a narrative medium. They are heavily influenced by literary traditions such as oral tales and bawang putih ("flowery language", which refers to certain colloquialisms). Some komik lucah melayu contain doa or religious elements, but they are usually innocent in nature (unlike some other oral folk stories). 4. Unlike Western comics, komik lucah melayu are not bound to one sequential storyline. They are more akin to short folktales, with many interweaving story arcs. Heroes and villains tend to be stock characters, which is why Muslim heroes in komik lucah melayu are usually depicted as the wise man or the righteous warrior. 5. The hero in a komik lucah melayu is usually a well-mannered Malay man who possesses supernatural powers over monsters and demons (usually invoking Allah's name). He can also invoke additional supernatural powers by accessing 'jujur hati' - good intentions in the form of magic scrolls or amulets. 6. The more common monsters in komik lucah melayu are usually serpent-like creatures or a giant hand that imposes some form of physical violence toward the characters. Supernatural powers that harm others are often attributed to the use of black magic, and often accompanied by evil laughter. 7. Though many of these folk tales have been adapted into audio visual media such as theater and radio, comics is one of the most accessible forms to disseminate such folklore. Their small size and hand-drawn nature makes them easy to distribute and read anywhere. There is also a growing movement where digital versions of komik lucah melayu are available online with accompanying illustrations and sound effects added for effect. 8. The widespread accessibility of komik lucah melayu has led to its influence over other mediums of creative expression, including films and television programs. Some films have been adapted from komik lucah melayu, while others are simply inspired by them. The most notable example would be the film "Lucah" ("Sex") by Palestinian director Elia Suleiman, which uses komik lucah melayu elements in its dialogue and visual style. 9. Other films influenced by traditional Malay folktales include "Kembara Seniman" ("The Magician's Journey"), a film directed by Jamil Sulong that borrows heavily from Malay folklore.


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